The Buzz – Winter 2011

Currently we’re preparing for the arrival of new packages of bees to increase our production.  Last year we sold out of honey rather quickly.  To support the demand, we’re adding more hives!  We spent the past couple of weeks building, painting, and prepping new hives for our ‘workers’.  The bees should be arriving early April.  Check our calendar and blog for updates.

We learned some new techniques for hive management and are excited about implementing them this year.

The unusual amount of snowfall this year set us back a bit on the barn building.  Once spring hits, we’ll be back to preparing the land for the new barn!   

This year we have more space dedicated to the crop and anticipate having a more fruitful pumpkin patch.  We also plan to add blueberries to our repertoire.  The farm stand/hay wagon should be out this year with fresh fruits and veggies from our farm and when needed to support the demand, from  our sister farm in Ellington. 

We’re excited about being able to offer more of a variety of fresh, local food to the community and look forward to providing you products the way they were meant to be.

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