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The Buzz – Spring 2011

The bees have arrived and are ‘beesy’ working! They’re making themselves comfortable in their new home. I must admit, I never actually had to transport bees, so this was a whole new experience for me. The bees travel in what’s called a package. It’s kind of like a screened in porch the size of a shoe box. I was assured the bees have no interest in anything other than getting at the queen who is like a caged go-go dancer inside the package. With that said, I decided against wearing my full beekeeper suit for the hour and a half drive to get them home. Honestly, it wasn’t bad at all. But, starting out, it was like driving in a snow storm…..white knuckled, sitting upright, full attention, no radio, hands precisely at 10 and 2 on the wheel. Continuously looking in my rearview mirror making sure none of the seven packages of cargo decided to venture out to explore their surroundings. It was a little eerie with just the sound of bees humming inside the car! None the less, we made it safely home without any mishaps. Aside from the bees, we’ve been extremely busy around the farm. Our on-line store is finally up and open for business! We’ve been creating 100% natural lip balms, hand creams, and candles. (Thank you to our ‘testers’ for helping us make a good quality product!) We even made a solid beeswax perfume and lip balm with customized labels for party favors for a kid’s birthday party. Yes, we can accommodate custom labels for parties, stocking stuffers, corporate events, etc.!
We’ve been milling wood from the trees taken down on the property, planted some apple trees, and have been growing vegetable plants in the coldframe for planting. Lastly, we’re proud to welcome Dixie, Daffodil, and Viola to our farm family! Next year they’ll be providing our community with fresh goat’s milk, cheese, and goat’s milk beauty products. Right now they’re providing entertainment with their ‘kidding’ around. Please stop by our Farm Livin’ link on the site for more updated pictures. Thanks for following us and the continued support!

June 2011