The Buzz – Fall 2011

As seasons end, it brings both excitement and anticipation of what the new season will bring. With the approach of fall brings honey! When we extract honey, the whole house smells so sweet. It’s a great feeling knowing our reserves of honey have been replenished and I’m free to use honey at my will. No longer guarding the last bottle of honey from the previous extraction.

So many have asked about the extraction process I wanted to respond here. The bee hives are made out of wood with wooden and wax frames in each. The bottom hive bodies are where the majority of the bees are along with the queen laying brood (eggs). The top ‘hive bodies’, called supers, are where the bees store honey. When extracting, supers are removed.
We have two types of frames. One is used to cut comb. Many people love this as it’s honey that has never been exposed to air…..true raw and natural honey. The other frames are used to extract honey by scraping the wax cappings on the comb to break them open. Then placed in an extractor. It’s kind of like a fan where it’s hand cranked and left to gravity to pull out the honey.

It’s then left for the honey to drip down through a screen to filter out any ‘bee parts’ or wax cappings. It’s then poured directly into our bottles. Oh, and the filter, that’s where the all the wax is captured and melted down to use in our lip balms and hand creams.

With fall beginning, we now attempt to get the bees ready for winter. We feed, feed, feed! Most people don’t know bees eat a sugar and water syrup when there is no nectar flow. Right now, we’re going through about 150 lbs of sugar a week!

We have some new products available which we’re excited about. We’ve partnered with where we have supplied her with Forgotten Acres Farm honey and pumpkins and she’s made hand crafted soap. First Honey Bar Soap sold out immediately and the next batch of Pumpkin and more Honey will be available mid October. Perfect time for Holiday gifts!

We continue to experiment with new products and are busy getting ready for the Wade and Tea Fair Show and a newly added Holiday Fair at First Church Early Learning Center in Windsor on November 3rd.

I recently attended classes on social media. So look for us soon on Facebook!

Again, thanks to all in supporting our success!

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