The Buzz – Winter 2012

We have a new addition to our farm family.  Meet Peso!  Peso was added to help protect the goats from any predators.  It took a good week and lots of braying before the animals were used to each other and Peso was comfortable in his new surroundings.  I’m sure our neighbors are happy they are all settled in now!

We had a spectacular Holiday Season and hope you did as well!  Although the Wade and Tea Fair show was cancelled, we were still able to participate in the Mother Daughter Tea Function sponsored by Windsor Chamber of Commerce and hosted by Bart’s Beanery.  We donated honey and jam and spoke briefly to the attendees how honey is made.

We also participated in the Shop ‘til You Drop, First Church of Windsor, Clover Street, and Trinity School Vendor Fairs.  It was great to meet and talk to our local community, thank you again for all your support!

We joined the Windsor Chamber of Commerce last month so look for specials and events throughout the year.  If you haven’t signed up for the weekly WCC email to notify all What’s Going on in Windsor, check it out, there are a bunch of great activities! 

Our signature Muth Jar of Honey is featured in the Heart of The Country Boutique in Wethersfield, CT.  And thanks to Bart’s Beanery for their support in purchasing the rest of our home made Honey Peach Jam and are now serving it in their establishment!

For those who knew Eva who managed a road side stand up the street from our farm, she passed away last September.  We’d like to thank her family for their support and generosity as they have passed on many of Eva’s gardening items to ensure her love and appreciation for gardening continues.  Look for her alliums in the summer!

We finally broke ground on the new barn!  We are excited to finally get that project going.  We have all the siding (which was milled from the trees on the farm) seasoning out in the yard and the foundation was just poured last month.   We’ve added some pictures of the progress.  Once the barn is up our plan is to work on kidding the goats for milk and possibly adding chickens!

After 2011 with record snowfall, an earthquake, hurricane, wettest year on record, and the October snow storm, let’s hope for a mild winter!  Looking forward to the spring already!

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