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The Buzz – Spring 2012

Although it feels like summer, spring is here! Someone asked me the other day – “when is spring here for you?”

The first sign of spring is when we no longer have to keep the fire going to keep the house warm! Spring is here when bees begin working and when the goats start to shed, flowers begin budding, crop plans are set and seed has been ordered. Spring is new life, and it’s exciting!

We’ve plowed and harrowed the fields, started planting, and have extended the animal’s grazing area.  We’re still on the fence about kidding the goats or raising chicks , but have added more hives to our apiary. We will also have an observation hive to display at fairs and events this year.

We recently spoke about the farm at the Kiwanis club, participated in Earth Day @ Northwest Park, and have been accepted into the Windsor Farmers Market – check our calendar for dates. Our barn is still “in progress” and we plan to have our honor system stand back out as soon as veggies start coming in. We want to say thank you to all our loyal customers who continue to support our local farm!

May 2012

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