The Buzz – Winter 2013

Some exciting news for the farm, the Cambridge House has made another brew with  our honey. This time it’s a Honey Porter and I can tell you that it is excellent!  Our honey is now available at the Windsor Chamber of Commerce (great for gifts).  And we’re featured in a mini documentary on small businesses in Windsor.  Check it out!  I have to give a special thanks to Keith who performed the interview, filmed, and edited the piece.  He got stung in the eye while he was on the farm.  Apparently our bees are not fond of being on camera!056 (800x600)

We’ve been working diligently on the barn and making progress.  It’s quite an experience having the opportunity to build a structure from the ground up.  Like anything else, when you are part of the creation, you have more respect for it.  I read a quote recently from John Ruskin.  He said “Old buildings are not ours.  They belong, partly to those who built them….”  Our barn will be old one day.

I end this blog with a request.  Right around Christmas time I was in line at a coffee shop.  A gentleman several customers in front of me bought his coffee and then gave the girl a twenty and asked her to buy the line coffee for as much as the twenty would buy.  When I got to the register I gave her more money to keep it going.  While I was walking out I said to myself wouldn’t it be great if I came back in the afternoon and people just kept paying it forward all day?  I went back that afternoon and had to buy my own coffee.  My point is, even though the Holidays are over, it’s okay to have that ‘Holiday’ feeling all year.  One thing we can learn from our bees is the value of being a community.  Help each other, take care of each other and in doing so, you will be part of a much stronger force.

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