Meet the Family

Roy, he’s not your average Drone!  Roy comes from a long line of farmers.  Growing up in Eastern Connecticut, from a young age, he spent his summers taking in tobacco on his Grandfather’s farm.  To this day, the family takes vacation from their other jobs and pitches in every August to take in tobacco.

A typical farmer at heart….nothing ever goes to waste. If he doesn’t have the right tool for the job, he’ll make one. And he never considers the day done until long after the sun goes down.

Naomi, she’s not your typical Queen Bee!  Although she married into the farming culture, she has proven to work just as hard as everyone else.  It’s not uncommon to see her up on the roof, out in the field, working with the bees, or cutting firewood.

Sarah….a worker bee in training!  Depending on the day (and her mood) you might find her helping up on the roof, driving tractor, or working out in the field.  However, she does love the bees.  You’ll find her working with the bees, the honey, and making the lip balms.

Zack, our resident farm dog.  A puppy at heart, good thing he’s cute! 

The Bees.  The true workers behind this operation.

September 2023